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By definition this has been described as the capacity to recover from adversity and spring back into shape .

Our ability to adapt throughout life’s transitions, trauma, and trials can be dependent on the environment, culture, family dynamics , household composition , support systems , and the availability of resources .

Vulnerability factors:

🔘Male gender -males tend to be more reactive than females when it comes to facing challenges.

🔘Extreme and chronic exposure to trauma

🔘Single parent households

🔘Low income or poverty

🔘Exposure to substance use and violence

Positive adaptation: the chances of springing back after facing adversity can in some cases be determined by someone’s ability to socialize appropriately. The ability to build positive meaningful relationships has predicted stronger outcomes in those who have faced and or facing challenges.

Traits of emotionally resilient individuals

🍃Practicing the art of self care

🍃Understanding stressful situations

🍃 Having compassion

🍃Knowing when to ask for help

🍃 Practicing acceptance

🍃 Accepting flaws and cultivating self awareness

🍃Knowing and setting boundaries

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